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CVC Decodable Sentences

I love love love these! They are great for helping students transition from reading at a word level to reading at a sentence level. These help build up students' decoding skills, reading confidence, reading fluency, and reading stamina. When the students draw a picture they are doing two things: taking a mini brain break (drawing a picture is fun!) and they are demonstrating their understanding of the sentence.


Students need to be proficient at the word level before reading at the sentence level. If students are given tasks that are to difficult, it can result in what is called 'cognitive overload' and it may look like your child becoming discouraged, frustrated, or avoidant of reading. We need to teach the skills before expecting the child to apply them at a sentence level.

While the focus of this set is decoding CVC words, there are 5 other skills that are needed in order to read these passages and 8 heart words that need to be learned.

These reading skills need to be understood at the word level:

  1. Flosz Words (i.e. off, Bill, will)

  2. 'S' spelling /z/ (i.e. is, as, has, his)

  3. 'S' as at the end of a word to make a plural (cats, dogs, rats)

  4. 'Apostrophe S' to show belonging (Bob's, Kim's, Dog's, Tim's, Men's, Cat's)

  5. Punctuation (periods, question marks, exclamation marks, commas, quotation marks)

These Heart Words need to be orthographically mapped at the word level:

  1. the

  2. of

  3. I

  4. to

  5. do

  6. you

  7. was

  8. said

The scope and sequence for this set:

  1. CVC Words - Short Vowel A

  2. CVC Words - Short Vowel A & E

  3. CVC Words - Short Vowel A, E, & I

  4. CVC Words - Short Vowel A, E, I, & O

  5. CVC Words - Short Vowel A, E, I, O, & U

  6. CVC Words - Grapheme 'X'

  7. CVC Words - Grapheme 'CK'

  8. CVC Words - Grapheme 'QU'

Bobcats - Decodable Sentences
Download PDF • 539KB

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